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  • Best Quality 3T Evacuated Glass Tube

    They are made by assembling two concentric 3T borosilicate glass tubes

    Model 1
  • A special quality assistant tank

    A special quality assistant tank is designed to control mixing of hot and cold water.

    Model 2

Solar Water Heater Operational Hints and Knowledge

Reason: Solar water heater has some cover or dirt or dust formation in the cold water inlet of the assistant tank.
Solution: Remove inlet connection of assistant tank, after cleaning and fix it properly.
Reason: There might be some obstacle or obstruction that does not allow sunrays to fall on the vacuum tube of your system.
Solution: remove the obstacle and make sure that sunrays do fall on the system through the day.
Reason: 1. There Silicon rings(Washer) beaked or inserted incorrectly.
              2. Crack in water inner tank nipple.

Solution: 1. Change the silicon ring or install it again to let the tank and solar tube properly.
              2. Change the damaged nipple.
Reason: 1. Mixer tap problem in the bathroom.
              2. Locking of Float ball is not done properly.

Solution: The mixer tap should not be kept in the centre position, because it will create reverse flow of cold water into hot water pipe which will affect the overflow of water from air vent.

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