Working Specification

Non- Pressurized evacuated tube solar water heater works on the natural circulation of water between solar collector tubes & water tank as thermosymphon system. As water in the vacuum tube is heated, it rise naturally in to the storage tank, at the same time cold water in tank flow down to the vacuum tube, causing circulation throughout the thermosymphon system.

Technical Specification
  • Sr.No. Description Specification
    01 Evacuated tube length 1800mm
    02 Evacuated tube outer diameter 58mm
    03 Evacuated tube inner diameter 47mm
    04 Storage Tank diameter 480mm
    05 Storage Tank Volume 100LPD/150LPD/200LPD/250LPD/300LPD/500LPD
    06 Inner Tank Material Food Grade Surgical Stainless Steel
    07 Outer Tank Material Powder Coated/ Stainless steel
    08 Tank Insulation High quality PUF 50mm
    09 Method of bonding Non-Welding Technology
    10 Fasteners Type Stainless Steel
    11 Grommets Type Silicon Washers
    12 Circulation Type Thermosymphon
    13 Type of Inlet Water Filing Using gravity feeding tank/assistant tank
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