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  • Best Quality 3T Evacuated Glass Tube

    They are made by assembling two concentric 3T borosilicate glass tubes

    Model 1
  • A special quality assistant tank

    A special quality assistant tank is designed to control mixing of hot and cold water.

    Model 2

Solar Water Heater Operational Hints and Knowledge

Especially does this in the morning, because doing so doing so during afternoons might cause the class tube to crack, due to a sudden change in the temperature. Although the tube has been designed to take this pressure, yet it is a point to be careful about.
Clean tube surface absorbs heat properly. Outer surface of glass tubes must be kept clean by frequently removing any kind of dust that accumulates on it.
Remove any object obstructing the sun's rays in reaching the absorber panel by farming shadow. Make sure you consider these obstructions before installing your solar water heating system.
Avoid dry run of system when it is not in the use. In case the system is not going to be used for a long period, we advise you to cover the absorber tubes with a thick sheet.
The best way to reduce this heat loss is to minimize the time gaps between water usages. The water present in the pipeline is usually cooler than the water in your storage tank. So, do wait while the cold water goes out of the pipeline and hot water has filled up again. This hot water loses its heat.
if hard water creates a scale formation in your tube then you should clean the tube with a round wire brush. However, it is advised that a trained plumber or technician do this kind of servicing.
To make the stand more stable, for a longer period of time, fix it properly by using a cement block or slab.

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