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  • Best Quality 3T Evacuated Glass Tube

    They are made by assembling two concentric 3T borosilicate glass tubes

    Model 1
  • A special quality assistant tank

    A special quality assistant tank is designed to control mixing of hot and cold water.

    Model 2

Solar Water Heater Operational Hints and Knowledge

Cold Water Head is required to supply cold water & is above from level of storage tank of system. I.e. Cold water head should be 5 feet above than the level of system base.
Cold water tank should have capacity double than storage tank capacity. i.e. For 250LPD system, Cold water tank capacity should be more than 500liters.
This varies for system with different capacities e.g. 100 liter system requires approximately 6 *6 feet area.
System should face the south direction I.e. tube base at south and tank at north. If there is any limitation on site, a variation of + or -10 degree from south can be allowed, as it has minimal effect on system performance.
The solar water heater must be installed at the place which is easily accessible to the point in the home where hot water is to be used.
The system can be installed directly on a tapered roof or RCC slab, near to bathroom facing south. System can also be installed in balcony or on an open ground with proper foundation and support.
The selected place should be free of shadow, so that system receives clear sunshine from all angles, all through the day.

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